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10 things to know before studying abroad in France

France seems to be the perfect place to study. The country has everything to enjoy: big cities, sea, mountains to go skiing, and great parties. Here is everything you need to know before arriving in the country of baguette. 1. French… Continue Reading →

Oktoberfest 2017

Oktoberfest You know what is Oktoberfest ? We can easily answer that it is the most famous and the most known beer festival in the world, halfway between the carnival and the festival, the event attracts every year thousands of… Continue Reading →

Meeting New People in Amsterdam: Tips & Resources

If you’re moving to Amsterdam for the first time, there’s plenty of advice out there about where to go out… But when it comes to the really important stuff, like how to meet new people, there aren’t so many suggestions…. Continue Reading →

Become bilingual with AYNI!

Meet your penpal with AYNI! Yestudent is delighted to introduce you to AYNI. It is a website which helps you find the perfect pen-friend! Meet a student who wants to learn your language and that person will teach you a language in… Continue Reading →

A new app for Yestudent hosts!

Booking request management made easy We’re back with a brand new, shiny app for all our hosts. Our new Yestudent app is available on both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded on those stores for free. Our Yestudent app… Continue Reading →

20 ways to make money as a student

Get that much welcomed extra cash flowing. Ahhh, being a student. With loans, rents and other expenses pounding at your door, being able to make quick extra cash always brings a bit of fresh air to your life. Or pays… Continue Reading →

The ultimate 2016 Amsterdam summer guide

The finest selection Welcome to our ultimate Amsterdam summer guide, 2016 edition. Tailored especially for student budgets, our guide will help you spend the most epic summer ever in Amsterdam. Covering topics such as accommodation, plane tickets, food, music festivals… Continue Reading →

Are you a one-pint Charlie or a beer tank?

[viralQuiz id=8]

Yestudent is now a Sziget Festival partner!

That’s it amigos, we’re now officially partnering with the Sziget Festival in Budapest (Hungary). For those who have no idea about Sziget Festival, it is a music festival in Budapest which was created in 1993. Sziget Festival was born a… Continue Reading →

7 days in Budapest for €150 (includes flights and accommodation)

Have you ever wanted to travel to Eastern Europe but never made it there? Well, Yestudent has got a deal for you: a €150 trip to Budapest for 7 days, flight and accommodation costs included. This is for a London… Continue Reading →

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